Australian Motorcycle Training is here to make learning to ride a motorbike easy. Our one-on-one sessions are designed to give you the maximum amount of attention while you’re learning and this means we can tailor our training to you. We believe one-on-one training is the best way to ensure you gain the knowledge you need to feel comfortable and safe on the road.

AMT is based in Ipswich, Bundamba and can provide our Q-Ride courses to anyone looking to get their Queensland motorcycle license. All our motorcycle training is conducted on a private track that has been purposely set up to make learning easy and safe.

Our instructors are fully qualified and all our Q-Ride courses follow the modules set out by the Queensland Government. On completion of the courses you’ll be able to sit your tests for the next level of your motorcycle license, whether it is your learners or un-restricted license.

All our training is adaptable to your skill level. We endeavour to make the entire training as fun and simple as possible, so if you’re a wiz who’s been riding his whole life, or you’re just getting on a bike for the first time, we’ll make sure your AMT experience is a good one.

Contact us here, to book in your AMT course.