As part of getting your motorcycle license in Queensland, you’ll need to complete three different training courses as you move up the licenses. Australian Motorcycle Training offers all our courses as one-on-one training, or, if you prefer, you can complete it with a friend. This one-on-one training means you receive more attention and we can adapt the course to suit your skill level and ability.
All our courses are run on a private track in Ipswich, Bundamba and can be booked by email or phone. Simply contact us here.

Pre-Learner Course

Our pre-learner course is suitable for riders of all skill levels who are looking to get their learners and we can adapt the pace to suit your experience level. This course is required before you can sit your written learners test.

  • 12 hours long over two days
  • Competency based

RE Restricted Licence Course

To take our restricted licence course you must hold your motorcycle learners license. This course is required to move from your learners on to the restricted license.

  • 8 hours long over one day
  • Competency based

R Licence Course

After two years on your RE license you need to sit an R license course to upgrade to an unrestricted license, allowing you to ride all types of bikes.

  • 4 hours long
  • Competency based

One-on-One Motorcycle Training

As well as offering standard Q-Ride courses, AMT also offers one-on-one training. These sessions can be as long as you like and are designed to help you improve your riding skills. You can take these sessions whether or not you have a license and we will tailor it to your skill level. These sessions are a perfect way to decide whether or not a motorbike is for you. Contact us directly to discuss the training you are looking to complete.

Contact us here, to book in your AMT course.