The Q-Ride unrestricted (R) course is designed to reinforce riders’ knowledge and skills, and further develop higher order cognitive skills and risk management strategies. Designed for riders who have completed the Q-Ride restricted (RE) course and have significant riding experience, the course is conducted mainly on-road with regular stops to provide coaching and discuss safe riding behaviours and strategies.

The course aims to:

  • Enhance and reinforce riders’ knowledge and skills to effectively manage riding situations on a more powerful motorcycle
  • Reinforce good riding attitudes
  • Minimise the likelihood of harm due to inappropriate riding skills, behaviours or risk management

Enrolling in our Q-Ride unrestricted (R) course

You can enrol in AMT’s Q-Ride unrestricted (R) course after you have held your RE provisional or open licence for at least 2 years. If you received your RE provisional or open before 1 October 2016 you are eligible to do the Q-Ride unrestricted course after you have held you RE provisional or open licence for at least 1 year.

Completing our Q-Ride unrestricted course

During the course you will need to demonstrate your competency on an R motorcycle – provided by us or you may bring your own. When you have been assessed as having acquired the required competencies, the Australian Motorcycle Training will issue you with a competency declaration (Q-Ride certificate). Be aware that your competency declaration is not a licence.

Upgrading Your License

Once we have notified the Department of Transport and Main Roads that you have successfully completed the course you can apply for your R licence online.
You can also take your competency declaration to a transport and motoring customer service centre and register it yourself. If you choose to do this you will also need to bring a completed driver licence application/renewal form and your evidence of identity into the customer service centre.

Your competency declaration is only valid for 1 year from the date of issue. If you do not upgrade to an R licence within 1 year, it will expire and you will need to do the Q-Ride course again to get a new competency declaration.
There is no fee to upgrade your licence. However you will have to pay a fee if you are renewing your licence at the same time.

*** This information is taken directly from the Queensland Government website and will be updated if policy changes.